VT Explorer is an AIS viewer application which provides graphic visualization of AIS targets onto electronic charts.

This version of VT Explorer works with AISHub only. If you want to download the commercial version of VT Explorer please CLICK HERE

The first version was developed by Astra Paging Ltd in 2006 and was distributed among the customers of the commercial AIS vessel tracking service VT Explorer.

Here you can find a special edition of VT Explorer designed for all members of AISHub. Only AISHub members have their personal account for accessing AISHub data via VT Explorer. Non-AISHub members can still try VT Explorer for free, but with reduced coverage area.

VT Explorer (AISHub edition) retrieves AIS tracking data on regular time intervals from AISHub server. The vessels are shown with different symbols depending on their type, course and speed. For example, yellow color is applied to general cargo vessels, orange – to tanker vessels and green – to passenger vessels. All data about individual vessels are accessible by a single mouse click and presented in an easily accessible way. Compared to similar web-based products, VT Explorer does not require fast Internet connection and provides fast operation even on low-end computer hardware.

vtexplorer AISHub edition

The interface provides search for a particular ship by name, IMO or MMSI number, visualization of the ship track for last 72 hours, distance calculation etc.