AISHub android mobile
  • Real time ship tracking over OpenStreetMaps
  • Additional vessel details
  • Search vessel database
  • Show last position of а selected vessel
  • Movement history (track)
  • “My ships” list
  • “My views” list
  • Automatic or manual data refresh

Requirements:  Android 2.2 + ; Internet connection

  • In DEMO mode, Android version displays data from VT Explorer ship tracking service instead of AISHub network. You should select “Settings” tab and enter your AISHub VT Explorer account.

Google play

AISHub android market

  • Go to ‘Google play’ on your Android-powered device
  • Search for “vtexplorer
  • Once you’ve found it, touch to install
  • Follow the onscreen installation directions

Android Browser

Install AISHub mobile

  • Open this website with your Android device
  • Click here via your Android browser
  • Follow the onscreen installation directions

Scan QR Code

AISHub qrcode

  • Open ‘Barcode scanner’ (available from Android Market)
  • Point your phone camera at the screen and scan the QR code above.
  • Follow the onscreen installation directions