AISHub iPhoneFeatures
  • Real time ship tracking over OpenStreetMaps
  • Additional vessel details
  • Search vessel database
  • Show last position of a selected vessel
  • Movement history (track)
  • Automatic or manual data refresh


iPhone/ iPad
Firmware IOS 4 or newer
Internet connection


  • In DEMO mode, iPhone version displays data from VT Explorer AIS tracking network instead of AISHub network. You should select “Settings” tab and enter your AISHub VT Explorer account
Download & Installation
App Store
  • Start AppStore on your device
  • AISHub VT Explorer app storeSearch for “vtexplorer” and find “VTExplorer Mobile”
  • Install the application
  • After the first, start the application shows the passenger vessels only (Free demo mode)
  • Select tab “Settings” and change the username from “IPHONEUSER” to your personal VT Explorer account
  • Click “Save”