AIS Dispatcher is an AIS data forwarding utility which provides the following features:
  • receives AIS data via UDP stream, TCP connection or serial interface
  • performs CRC check and removes duplicated NMEA messages
  • calculates overall statistics and detailed message statistics
  • performs downsampling of the NMEA stream
  • dispatches the NMEA stream up to 12 destinations
  • supports Google Earth HTTP server (KML / KMZ format)
  • exports KML / KMZ files to local hard disk on regular time intervals
AISDispatcher structure
AIS Dispatcher performs downsampling of the incoming data feed before sending data to the destination hosts. Downsampling reduces outgoing traffic several times! In particular, for each AIS target (MMSI number) a single set of data must be forwarded to the destination hosts inside a predefined time window. The following picture graphically represents downsampling function:
aisdispatcher downsampling

The time window can be configured between 0 and 300 seconds. 0 seconds means no downsampling. Downsampling reduces the outgoing traffic several times. Downsampling affects AIS messages 1,2,3,4,5,18,19,24 only!

Downsampling is NOT recomended if the AIS information is used for navigational purposes!


The following example illustrates how AIS Dispatcher can forward NMEA messages from a single AIS receiver to AISHub.Net, other destination and local ShipPlotter running on the same machine.

aisdispatcher example