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AIS vessel tracking Automatic Identification System (AIS) has been a game-changer in navigation safety for mariners and is considered one of the most significant advancements since the introduction of radar. Initially developed as a collision avoidance tool, AIS enhances visibility and improves the helmsman's information about the surrounding environment. The technology continuously transmits vessels' position, identity, speed, and course, along with other relevant information, to all other AIS-equipped vessels within range. This real-time information on vessel movements allows port authorities and maritime safety bodies to efficiently manage maritime traffic and mitigate the risks associated with marine navigation. The AIS tracking system has proven to be a valuable tool in enhancing safety and security in the maritime industry.

Why AISHub ?

AISHub logo There are many websites tracking AIS targets, each with their own unique style, features, and even motivation. However, access to raw AIS data is limited. The primary objective of is to serve as a central hub for raw NMEA AIS data sharing and to provide a valuable data source for enthusiasts and professionals interested in developing AIS-related software. To gain access to real-time data from all available sources, users must share their own AIS feed with other AISHub contributors. Be a part of the AIS data sharing community and… JOIN US!

How to share AIS data ?

antenna The process of sharing AIS data is simple:

  1. You fill the JOIN US form
  2. We send you our host/IP address and a UDP port where you can send your AIS data
  3. You enter our IP and UDP port in the output settings of your AIS receiver or software
To get started, you will need to have your AIS receiving station connected to the Internet, either directly or through your PC. Many AIS receivers come with an Ethernet port and can stream data via UDP protocol to a selected IP address, making it an excellent standalone option that does not require your PC to be operational 24/7. Alternatively, we have developed a free application called AIS Dispatcher for users who prefer to use their PC as a forwarding station. AIS Dispatcher is a simple and easy to use utility designed for receiving, processing, and forwarding of AIS data - AIS Dispatcher for Windows or AIS Dispatcher for Linux.

How will I receive aggregated AIS data feed from AISHub ?

Once your live AIS data is streamed, validated and evaluated, we will provide you access to the aggregated AIS feed of AISHub via:

  • TCP connection in raw NMEA format
  • API in JSON, XML or CSV format