Join AISHub and share your AIS data

Terms of Use

  • Every AISHub contributor must provide at least one raw AIS feed (NMEA format). Sharing more AIS sources will be highly appreciated.
  • Every AISHub contributor who applies for API / NMEA access to the aggregated feed of all AISHub data sources must provide AIS data feed with the following Quality requirements:
    • at least 10 vessels in the zone of coverage (average for the last 7 days)
    • at least 90% uptime (average for the last 7 days)
    • up to 60 seconds downsampling rate
    • up to 10 seconds delay of AIS messages
  • The following AIS feeds are strictly forbidden:
    • synthesized or artificially generated NMEA data
    • scrapped or stolen data
    • data from publicly available AIS sources or services
  • Every AISHub contributor who applies for raw NMEA data access should provide a static IP address.
  • Every AISHub contributor is allowed to use the data for free.
  • AISHub is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss caused by technical failures or data feeds with bad quality.

Once we have received your application form we will provide you via email a dedicated UDP port where you will be able to stream your AIS data in raw NMEA format.

Once you start streaming AIS data and notify us via email, we will create your AISHub account and you will get:

  • Web-based monitoring of your AIS feed in real time
  • Automatic email notifications when your feed is offline for more than 6 hours
  • Personal key to our AIS API service (if the feed meets the quality requirements)
  • Dedicated access to aggregated AIS data via TCP (if the feed meets the quality requirements).
    The access will be granted for the provided static IP address.

Your data will also be forwarded and displayed at VesselFinder.