AIS Dispatcher supports the native KML / KMZ format of Google Earth and listens for incomming connections from Google Earth clients.

The configuration of HTTP server parameters is described in AIS Dispatcher – Windows section.

The easiest way to view the AIS Dispatcher data via Google Earth is to open the file “AISDispatcher.kml” in the application folder. The file automatically redirects Google Earth to and sets the refresh interval to 60 seconds.

NOTE! If you need to change the host, the port or refresh interval, you have to edit the highlighted sections of AISDispatcher.kml file:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <kml xmlns="">
 <name>AIS Dispatcher</name>

The connection can be established without AISDispatcher.kml file by selecting  “Add” / “Network link” menu in Google Earth application and entering the name of the connection and the URL (for example The refresh interval has to be configured from the “Refresh” panel in the same dialog window.