Are you interested in sharing AIS data and receiving all AISHub data feeds for free?

Please fill in the SUBCRIPTION FORM or send an e-mail request to:

info at (replace “at” with @)

Please include the following information:
  • your name
  • country / location of your AIS receiver
  • your static IP address (we need it to enable your access to AISHub feeds in our firewall script)

Don’t forget to read the terms of use, they are very simple:


1) Every AISHub user has to provide at least 1 (one) raw AIS feed (NMEA format). 
However, sharing of more AIS sources will be highly appreciated.

2) Every AISHub user will receive the combined feed of all data sources.

3) There are no restrictions on how the users will use the data. 
Everybody is allowed to publish the data for free or to use it for commercial purposes.

4) AISHub is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loss caused by technical failures or data feeds with bad quality.

After receiving the subscription form we will send you UDP port where you should stream your AIS data to. After you start streaming, we will create your AISHub account and you will receive from us:

  1. TCP port where you can connect and receive all other AIS feeds (we require static IP address)
  2. Your personal account for XML/JSON webservice and VT Explorer AIS viewer
  3. Your AIS source will also be added to our automatic statistics and your data will be displayed at VesselFinder

Your e-mail address will also be entered in our AIS server and you will receive automatic notification when your AIS feed is offline more than 24 hours.