AIS Decoder

Many AIS enthusiasts use their amateur radio equipment to receive and decode AIS data via sound card. There are many projects like ShipPlotter and AISMon which perform this task.

AISHub team developed a small multiplatform opensource tool for decoding AIS signal via sound card – AISDecoder. AISDecoder streams AIS sentences via UDP and it is quite easy to integrate it with AISDispatcher or other AIS software which listens for incoming UDP AIS data.

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1 Download package

AIS Decoder.tar.gz   or use precompiled    Windows binary (MinGW 4.8.1)

2 Untar and build

tar zxvf aisdecoder-1.0.0.tar.gz
cd aisdecoder-1.0.0
mkdir build
cd build

NOTE! Windows build is tested with MinGW only!

3 Execute aisdecoder without any parameters to see help messages

Output help messages:
-h Destination host or IP address
-p Destination UDP port
-a Audio driver [pulse,alsa,file]
-D ALSA input device. Use '-D list' to see all available system devices.
-c Sound channels [stereo,mono,left,right] (default stereo)
-f Full path to 48kHz raw audio file
-l Log sound levels to console (stderr)
-d Log NMEA sentences to console (stderr)
-H Display this help
./aisdecoder -h hostname -p port -a pulse,alsa,file [-f /path/file.raw] [-l]

4 Plug in your sound cable and calibrate the sound level by using -l

The optimum level is 50-70%

5 Example:
Decodes AIS data using Pulse Audio driver and streams NMEA to localhost UDP port 12345

./aisdecoder -hlocalhost -p12345 -apulse